The corporation completed testing of a computerized system for controlling groups of robots of different designations. The software called Unicum gives machines intellectual capabilities for civilian and military missions, fulfilled individually or in groups, without people.

“This is the first system of such a level in Russia, which passed all the tests successfully, has been recognized to be ready for use and accepted by the governmental customer”, commented the Deputy Director General of United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation Sergei Skokov. “Our enterprise called Control Systems was working on it. The software allows controlling any groups of robots on land, in the air and in the sea, with minimal involvement of an operator. Robots can fulfill missions independently, see and analyze the situation, plan routs and interact with other machines. In fact, it is one more step towards creating and AI, which almost gives the machines the capability of human beings.”

Unicum technology allows controlling up to 10 robotic systems simultaneously, and the machines can operate either individually or in groups. The robotic systems can independently identify the roles within a group, choose the leader, replace broken robots, select advantageous positions, search for targets, ask the operator for a permission to terminate the targets or eliminate them automatically. The system can also be used for civilian purposes. For example, for guarding some facilities, enforcing the law during mass events, for rescue operations etc.

“The software allows taking independent decisions without people,” said the Head of Control Systems company Sergei Grishin. “At the same time, the control can be centralized and the operator can give orders to each and every robot, or decentralized, when the whole group gets orders and identifies how to fulfill them: which machine does the reconnaissance, defends or attacks targets. In both cases the robotic systems can operate without people just asking for permissions for certain actions from time to time.”

The software has been accepted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia and supplied to the customer. At the moment, the technology is being applied to real robotic systems for civilian and military purposes, including unmanned aerial vehicles. 


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