The corporation has developed a mobile supercomputer with silicone cooling for controlling drones and land-based robots, which has become the “brain” of a new complex of group control for UAVs called Vologda.

Unified hardware and software system for group control of UAVs Vologda has good cross-country mobility and can independently operate up to seven days. The unit has five computerized workstations and is capable of controlling up to 10 drones and land robotic systems. The machine processes and transmits data of aerial monitoring to mission control stations and combat units at any distance via protected satellite, radio relay and wireless communication channels.

“In order to receive and process large volumes of information (video from drones etc.) right in the vehicle, our experts developed a mobile supercomputer of over TFLOPS capacity. At the same time, the supercomputer can work with different processors, including Russian-made Elbrus, which provides high level of information protection,” noted a representative of concern Vega.
One should note that the server of Vologda is cooled not by air, as conventional serves are, but by a liquid, which freezes only at the temperature of 80 degrees Centigrade. Therefore, the superplatform can be used in the Arctic area.



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